❤ 💘 🌹 Annual Valentines Day Thread 🌹 💘❤

pintxo pote is really basque specific so doubt you’d find that in Barcelona. could be wrong though!

(should add, both breakups were mutual - I wasn’t the only person doing the breaking up).



Any excuse to do nice things!!

He normally gets me flowers which I LOVE and we’ll get some nice food in and a bottle of wine and then I’ll make him watch some terrible film. So many brilliant horror films based around valentines day.

I will cede to your no-doubt superior knowledge

The basic thing is we gon drink and eat lots of meat

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Aye, that I can do.

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I couldn’t do that to Irons. Not on National TV at least.

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Recently single so I’m just going to get pissed and smash my head off a wall*.

*I am not as maudlin as when I was younger so I will probably just have a normal day at work and then we’ll have some drinks with our housemate as it’s her birthday that day. Oh, and an ATD is home from Vietnam so I’m probably going to be drunk all week.

kind of feel like that when we all gang up on united in the footie threads

‘Never thought I’d die fighting side by side with a City Fan’

‘What about a fellow United hater?’

‘Aye, that I can do’

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Alain Delon can top that: he and Nathalie Delon - they starred together in Le Samourai - got divorced on Valentine’s Day. (1969, if anyone’s counting.)

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WTF is going on here
stop posting pictures



Out of interest, how did you think a DiS Valentines thread was going to go?

I was hoping someone would get riled up.

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I think that someone is you?


Anyone want to go on date on Valentine’s Day?


Puff on my pipe and write a sonnet.