❤ 💘 🌹 Annual Valentines Day Thread 🌹 💘❤


Another vote for Porto-Liverpool, with the Out Lines gig thrown in for good measure.


You know the way to my heart


*Whilst listening to Porto Liverpool on the radio


It’s my birthday.

Fuck Valentines.


Romance of the cup, isn’t it?


Happy birthday Saps!



Recovering from pancake day


I might try and cook something special…my partner’s almost completely (occasional lapses due to eating out whilst dieting) vegetarian now, so has anybody got any recommendations? I am a reasonable cook but no better than that.


gonna keep my fingers crossed that someone is going to say “hey I really fancy you” but then I’ll remember that I don’t really know anybody.

Still, it’s nice to dream




Sending cards is creepy isn’t it? Asking for a friend


not necessarily, but a lot of the time yeah

a lot of the time it’s just Ralph Wiggum


my bf and i will probably get each other small presents and cards and cook a nice but easy to cook meal, probably steak. definitely definitely not going out for dinner


Don’t do Valentine’s Day for a number of reasons but it’s our anniversary on the 17th and we’re off to Manchester to see Hell Is For Heroes


will buy a massive cake for the love of my life

birthday innit


9-11th February: spend a whole weekend in my bf’s apartment in Brussels being relaxed and forgetting about everything*

actual valentines day: not saying :wink:

*he will actually be there too


I might be going on a date at some point in February, which means I can’t really comically exaggerate my loneliness in the same way.



hope you find true love and happiness brutey! :slight_smile:


Might do that lovematch thread again that I did one time, that was good. Might not though, it was a full day’s work