❤ 💘 🌹 Annual Valentines Day Thread 🌹 💘❤


Might be time to pull out the big guns for Val’s day


Gonna go for a curry in Bingham


You’d be dumped if you pulled these out of v day

The love of my life knows I only take branston!!!


steady on, i scare off easily meo


Have I said total warhammer II yet? I feel like I have


Choosing to understand this as the name of a masturbation technique.


Tried to strike the balance between sweet optimism and wallowing in despair:

A perfect sonnet
The calendar hung itself
A celebration upon completion
Blue angels air show
Bowl of oranges
Oh you are the roots the sleep beneath my feet and hold the earth in place
It’s cool we can still be friends
The joy in forgetting the joy in acceptance
Messenger bird’s song
A song to pass the time


anyone doing the Greggs thing?


probably going to this, if anyone wants to join then do so (and even if you can’t you should check out Ania’s books)


and getting to play with a full drum kit


lol the guy next to me on the train seems quite intrigued by me looking up Japanese bondage


Greggs are definitely trolling us all on this one. Well played


More importantly, it’s Pancake Day the day before, my favourite day of the year.


In the Grim Darkness of the future, there is only £15 Greggs Valentines Meals



I’ll probs buy him a card cos I love buying cute cards but nothing else and I never expect anything in return.


happy valentines day


No way! Ours too :open_mouth:


Just found out there’s a drag night on in town. Fuck anything else, going to that instead.


but i dont want to say “valenThai”