❤ 💘 🌹 Annual Valentines Day Thread 🌹 💘❤


not to worry i will go and give my best to


being in this stage of vaguely “seeing someone” during valentines day or either party’s birthday is a nightmare to be avoided


totally go overboard and make it super awkward for fun. like wear a tshirt with her name on but wear a jacket over it so it’s not immediately obvious but a constant threat that you’ll take your jacket off.


can you fake a realistic looking tattoo?


that would be extra awks as we work in the same office and no one knows anything is going on


Get flowers delivered to her desk from ‘a secret admirer’.


just make it so that the shirt actually says something with the same letters in the middle. the fun part is the constant, constant threat. like buy 10 red balloons, have them by your desk, and eventually give them to someone for a birthday or etc


thing is laelfy it’s really just a slight step beyond flirting/ friends. Think we both agree nothing much is going to happen

My instinct is NO CARD OR FLOWERS


My female perspective is don’t ignore it but get something small. You definitely dont want to make a big thing of it but she might be irked if you ignore it altogether.

Hang on, are you kissing/sleeping together?


We’re gonna need more deets TIM


laefly is way off base. from a male perspective get two engagement rings, one in silver and one in gold, and see which she prefers as the tribute band kicks in behind you


we’ve kissed a couple of times but that’s all


i am buying a WEDDING HAT


no p in v
no card from me


this should be on a card


a mantra to live by!


p in mouth
you must go south


Ah. Still, if it were me I wouldn’t not appreciate a small token, like a wee small box of nice chocolates or something. Might get you laid.


The answer is steak, always steak… and flowers.


up the a
you’re here to stay