It’s that time of year where you feel an enormous pressure to do something for your loved one to show you care about them on that one set day only.
Tell me what your V Day is like. And no pretending that you don’t do anything but secretly will to keep your partner happy.

Seeing a LOT more of this kind of stuff which actually makes me quite sad. Do people really live like this?

oh look i was hovering over the picture whilst I screen shotted it

I do something understated but classy and beautiful. Details TBC.

Absolutely nothing. Load of shit, innit.



Had booked a weekend away to Copenhagen, now cancelled after she specifically referenced that particular weekend as one she would not be able to do anything…

It’s the five year anniversary of our first date today so I’ll bring some flowers home or whatever and call that it I think.

She hates it as much as I do.

Fucking nonsense for idiots.


Before sleep we quite often both read and we both read on our phones. Dunno.

We don’t bother with Valentines Day. I think maybe we both hate it from school days or something.

That’s terrible Theo. No blue light after 9:30pm over here!

Another horrifying glimpse into Theo’s domestic arrangements.

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Are you going another weekend?

Five years!

Nah, no plans currently, certainly not gonna attempt another surprise weekend away any time soon I can tell you that much for nothing

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I hate it, but he is a small fan.

I will probably request that he cooks my favourite meal and then we’ll have some wine and watch a film maybe. Although actually that won’t happen because we’ll be in the middle of packing up our flat and cleaning it hell.

I’m thinking of doing actual nothing this year. I’ve previously caved at the last minute several times, but I think boycotting Christmas cards this year might finally have given me the cajones to follow through* with it this year.

*poor choice of words for me this morning

Okay. The whole point of the night mode on your phone is to set the colour to yellow but in any case, I like to read and get little time to do it earlier in the day.

Alternative answer:

We both love each other so much, we don’t need to do anything special for one day

It’s a mate’s birthday that day so a lot of us go out that night with her instead of doing any Valentine’s Day shite.

Don’t think I ever did anything on the day when I was with someone. It is a load of toss.

I am still calling bullshit.

Does she mind?

Very much so, yes.

Sounds dangerous. I wouldn’t risk it.