Anyone play? Any similar games to try out?




I’ve played basically every digital card game there is at this point. My favourite is Eternal. If my spatial reasoning wasn’t awful, I’d by playing Duelyst.


Was going to tag you in this but thought that might be assuming. Hey ho.

Cheers, will have a gander.


I knew this post would come in handy some day:

(obviously none of them are a patch on Netrunner)


Oh actually that’s reminded me that The Elder Scrolls one is surprisingly good.


yeah, i play hearthstone. so what?

anyway, the game breaking shaman card that just got released is hilarious (i have it in one of my decks) - most people just quit when they realise what’s going down).


I got my beta invite for MTG: Arena yesterday.

That’s a bit like Hearthstone.


which card is that?


I refuse to give up on my kingsbane rogue deck because it’s just so much fun when people think they’ve stomped you and you come back with big lifesteal


Shudderwock. Combo it with saronite chain gang and murmuring elemental for hilarious results.


HATE kingsbane rogue decks :rage:


whole game is complete fucking wank full of arseholes anyway. Hate it so much (still keep playing)


sarcastic “well played” makes me want to put my foot through the monitor


Immediately mute on join. That’s the rule.


…we should play sometime though!


yeah I do but sometimes forget.


always say well played at the end of the final play if I win or lose :frowning:


nah, you can’t show any weakness, that’s when they get you!


it’s all psychological innit, if someone said “well played” when they won I’d think they were being a sarcastic prick and if they said it when they lost I’d assume they’re a sore loser and think I just got lucky with my draw