Although it’s kind of depressing that it’s been a lot of Hunters going “OMG ONE MORE DAMAGE TO FACE”. And yet… predictable.

mate you’re better than this. Uninstall that garbage!

It’s fine, I can stop any time I want. Which will be in about a week or less, when I get fed up again.

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you’re a stronger man that me then. I can’t seem to keep away. I enjoy playing something where I don’t have to use my brain and can just drink tea

So Hunter then?

Oho Hearthstone bants!

I dunno mate I don’t follow Reddit or whatever.

I only really play Rogue these days

playing sap twice and then vanish whilst I smash them with my lifesteal kingsbane is too satisfying (rarely works though)

Back playing this again, made it to level 15! Feel slightly less shit!

Played it for a while briefly in a Netrunner lull, together with another Netrunner pal, got easily my highest rank ever for the month, then got a bit bored. Then they nerfed the fuck out of the Tempo Rogue deck I’d been playing. Haven’t logged in since.

I don’t know if Control Warrior has been changed since then but it was the single most obnoxious deck I’ve ever played against in any card game.

Is that the one with loads of mechs in it? Or the bomb one? Either way i cant imagine anyone having fun playing with or against that. Horrible.

I was randomly watching some stream and happened upon a buff priest deck which is really fun to play, so just basically using that now. Tried pogo rogue for a bit but that’s a bit silly tbh.

It’s more mech heavy than bombs (bomb warrior was the counter to control warrior) but yeah. It just has a critical mass of answers at every mana level now, it’s disgusting.

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I get to rank 10 every month then cba doing any more and play silly decks.

Can’t imgine the mindset of people grinding to legend

If i don’t get legend in the next 2 months I never will.

loads of new changes announced yesterday, taken on face value a lot of them seem pretty good…

new ranking system, dunno exactly how it works but aims to alleviate the grind.

you can’t open duplicates in packs (after 2 of each). this is BIG for the cost of the game. On the face of it seems meh, but for people who put in even a small amount of time or cash this will be a huge change in terms of how many cards you can get for how much.

New class - demon hunter - Illidan Stormrage - oof!

oh and they’re giving away a free deck to everyone (from a choice of many), dunno exactly how that works

Can you let me know what the most obnoxious one is please

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they just hall of famed (deleted) all the main priest cards, excepting every single one that is a problem and obnoxious :upside_down_face:

Will resurrect priest still be a thing? I hate everything about it.

yes :frowning:

(for at least another few weeks)

Just dished out my first ever albatrossing. Not remotely sorry given how many times those bastards have ruined my singleton decks.