Demon Hunter.

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do you like playing decks with insane early game, loads of (free) card draw, great board control and late game combos? Then this new hero class is for you!!

unfortunately though, the ridiculous demon hunter deck does have a counter. It’s beaten by the demon hunter counter demon hunter deck, that also beats everything else.

I didn’t realise whizzbang was rotating out. Those decks were all I played basically because I didn’t want to spend $ on packs and crafting and wanted to get a feel for the different classes. That sucks.

Played some variant of spell mage which for some reason has 0 card draw, going to alter that somewhat.

you need the generate 3 minions card, and glacial mysteries for secrets.

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it got nerfed after 24 hours lol

Good thing I reinstalled yesterday but couldn’t be arsed actually playing!

cheers, had that in already but still didn’t seem enough, added Arcane Intellect in the end.

Stuck at gold 10 and shall remain there for my days.

Played my first game with the free Mage deck. Got paired against that Priest deck that recurs all the deathrattle taunt minions. Very, very seriously considered uninstalling and still might.

Welcome back!

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Had a call scheduled with a friend at 2, at quarter to thought ‘i can sneak in a quick hearthstone game’.

Res priest, should have just conceded at the start. Playing against those decks just isn’t fun.


oh thank FUCK for that, now I never have to play it again


Went on a dusting spree and now have Galakrond Warlock and Highlander Mage to play.

… maybe I’ll play a game tomorrow

I don’t understand the new ranking system. Feel like I’ve won maybe 4 games and it’s giving me so many bonus stars that I’m rank 5 already.

rank 5 bronze tier maybe?

then there’s silver, gold, platinum and diamond after that…
Once the bonus stars run out in theory you should be at your natural level, and the matchmaking is updated…apparently.

highlander mage is quite fun.

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I guess so? I’m trying to not read about it so I don’t get ladder anxiety.

Enjoying the Galakrond Warlock nonsense for now anyway.

Well it’s end of the month today so tomorrow you’ll be dumped back down at bronze 10 again anyway.

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You really have to wonder how rez priest made it through playtesting with the conclusion that, yes, having this in the game is an improvement over not having it in the game.

I’m all for control decks and even grindy attrition decks but this takes the piss.

It’s really not a problem at higher ranks, it’s pretty rubbish. annoying, but rubbish.

(it probably beats warlock though)