Heated clothes dryer

Any recommendations?

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I got one and it was a load of shite.


They dry clothes faster than cold ones

Minky next to radiator.


DON’T get this one:

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Dehumidifiers = where it’s at


yeah we’ve got a dehumidifier as well

eyeing up this bad boy

Thanks Ant…

is it inappropriate to say that ‘minky wing’ sounds a bit like a feminine hygiene product?

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That’s not for me to speculate on

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That does appear to be a bad boy

We’ve got this one…


Expensive, but a godsend at this time of year with two small children in the house - stick a wash on in the evening and hang it out and it’s all dry come morning. Also like the fact there’s a cover for it which makes it relatively discreet rather than having washing drying all over the radiators :+1:


Awesome. Looks great

I got two radiators and a microphone


Dehumidifier + Minky + Radiator = Friendship ended with wet clothes. Dry clothes are my new best friend.


That is a hardcore, professional minky

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‘three tiered minky’ entering my outside-of-dis lexicon is one of the worst things this website is responsible for


I have this one too. I like how it folds up super flat so i can slot it behind the cupboard.

I just chuck a sheet over it instead of getting the cover and it works the same. Takes a bit of time to work out placement of the things but it’s good.

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cheers meow, think we’ve settled on this one. will update at the weekend

Long live Maggie Thatcher.