heated tracksuit

if you came into ownership of one, would you wear it at home? Out of the house? Would you pay money for one?

Yes, yes, yes (probably too much)

no. no. probably not.

Yes, no, maybe

I’d be too warm and I would be wearing a tracksuit, so it’s a no from me on both counts.

No, no, no.

I’d buy a cooling tracksuit instead and wear it as pyjama

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I don’t think I would buy or wear it, no. Good thread though.

You’ll pay to heat your whole home but won’t pay to heat just yourself, mugs.

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the reason I ask is I was gifted one by a family member because they are worried I’m cold in the UK (bless) however it’s completely humored me that a) it exists, b) it’s not going to catch fire, c) it’s USB rechargeable and d) that it exists

I would never wear it, and it doesn’t fit me anyway

think we’re gonna need to see a pic of this tracksuit


Nah, not for me

Can I have a link please??
The more everyone else is like “no” the more I’m like “I need it”

Thoight tracksuits were for exercise, which in itself is warming. Personally I’m too warm at thw best of times, so I have to exercise naked at most times.

I think it’s this one, however IRL it just looks like a regular tracksuit without all the special effects

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Heated Dong


Dong :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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that took about 30sec, thanks

:smiley: this is terrifying, I love it

  • ★【Safety to Charging and Washing】:According to the latest technology, the heat pad is safty to wearing. And this vest will give you ultimate flexibility and breathability while also being water-resistant. It can be washed by hand.

here is their reply when I asked to return it

Sorry for the inconvenience, sorry for the inconvenience
Regarding the return issue mentioned in your email
We can understand your bad mood now