Heathrow 3rd Runway given go ahead





Is this any worse for the environment than it would’ve been at Gatwick?




FINALLY a campaign we can get the whole nation behind. “Let’s put Boris in front of a bulldozer” begins here.


Never managed to keep up with which side of this debate I’m meant to be on. Has Prince Charles opined on it yet?


How come?


No, because “bad enough” is practically no different to “worse than bad enough”.


94% flights from the new runway will go to Europe. Gatwick is closer to Europe than Heathrow.


Got ya.


they should put the runway in europe


I’m hoping that was a joke from Vince.


this is the most exciting news for Runway Building simulator ever!


I agree. No queuing at passport control either. This is why you should have been on the new runway commitee Fopps instead of…whoever it was.


Are they going to make Heathrow less of a ballache to get to?

Always seemed to make sense to me to make Gatwick the size of Heathrow, rather than turning Heathrow into even more of a monstrosity. But whatever. I guess I won’t really care when we’re all fighting each other for the last of the fresh water.


this is the bit i was liking in particular


I assumed that it was, given that the relative inaccessibility of Gatwick to the rest of the country means that most passengers will be travelling further to get there.


I flew into heathrow this morning and it was busy so we got put in a holding pattern before we could land for 20 minutes

true story


It’s not just me, it’s a real pain right?

Heathrow Express - fuck off, I’m not a Saudi princeling.
Piccadilly Line - Kill me now
Cab - Mate, I’ve got a flight to catch
Anyone driving from the rest of the country has the M25 to deal with as well.


Crossrail will, and HS2 is meant to, have spurs to Heathrow.


Forgot about Crossrail.