Heating 2018/19 edition

Chat welcome. I’ll do some polls.

  • I have turned my heating on.
  • I have not turned my heating on yet.

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now I live on my own, I might just never turn the heating on

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  • Gas central heating
  • Storage heaters
  • Some other weird electric heating
  • No heating

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I’ve got a fireplace in my room but it’s just for show. I’ve got a couple of candles in it. I’m going to go and get something with a bit more oompf to burn in it.

I have turned my heating on but only during the day when nobody is in and only because there is literally no chance of laundry drying without doing so

Other ways you keep warm at home in winter:

  • hot water bottle
  • big jumpers
  • winter duvet
  • blankets
  • extra portable heaters
  • onesie
  • other (please specify)

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Fucking storage heater bullshit in the new apartment. We only have one on at the moment.

last time i turned my heating on was five and a half years ago


yeah drying laundry is becoming difficult now; our flat doesn’t need the heating on yet but it’s taking DAYS for stuff to dry. awful.

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It just goes damp and smelly in ours if we don’t have the heating on a bit. It’s a right pain in the arse.

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I love big jumpers. I don’t think there’s a charity shop in the world that won’t have a good stylish big jumper ready to be worn by one lucky customer.

no ‘cuddle up to plasticmike’ option???


i keep asking him, but he’s not into it


Even during the prolonged heatwave, my house never got hot. This is in compete contrast to my old flat which never got cold. Our gas bill makes me weep. Heating has been on (albeit low) since early September.

(other) : wait for downstairs neighbours to turn theirs on and then steal all their heat


obvs, he’s like a furnace

We have a thermostat in our place. The temp has dropped below zero a couple of nights here (-2 when I woke up this morning) so our heating has been on a few times when I wake up. It’s nice. (Heating is paid for by our landlord, so no fear about a big bill)

My new place is so fucking hot, heating is centrally controlled and has been turned on (obviously we’ve turned all the radiators off) but I’m currently walking around topless and in shorts with all the balcony doors and windows open. I’m cold blooded by nature so this should help you understand the gravity of the situation