☉ Heatwave photos ☉


Please share some pictures of things that made you happy over the last few days :sunny:
I really loved reading outdoors in the decking at night in 25 degree weather :heart_eyes: same with walking, after 9pm is the best




The road round the corner from me had a street party on Saturday and we walked through it on our way to Hackney Central. They wheeled a piano out into the street and everyone was singing ‘Sympathy for the Devil’.


I went for a walk at midnight yesterday, saw a bunch of foxes along the way :slight_smile: I wanted to take pictures, but they vanish too quickly…




Live and direct from Twentynine HQ. Look carefully and you’ll see a big duck between my legs. Not a typo.



Warning: Daily Mail link, mildly NSFW[spoiler]


Couldn’t help but think there was something pretty…dubious about some journalist snapping photos of teens skinny dipping, suppose it’s on par for the mail though.


Very creepy , did they even consent to that


Oh yeah, it’s full on salacious bullshit. Perfectly legal to take those pictures in a public space, but like you say, pretty ethically bereft.


if you want a picture of a spreadsheet slightly more lit up than usual I can do that


nice calfs :thumbsup:
:poultry_leg: :poultry_leg:


Went to a wedding where the reception was at a marina

And then visited my grandparents and enjoyed the sunshine in their ridiculously huge lifelong Tory Brexit garden.