Seth McFarlane has a Weinstein-type incident in his past, doesn’t he. That seems a near certainty to me.


He might have made up that “nearly being in 9/11” story as a cover-up


A million ways to die in the west


TBF I’d have loved this if they’d put “H. Jeremy Corbyn”



I mostly love JC, and voted for him for both the 2015 Labour leadership and 2017 GE but my own planned attempt at heavy handed satire is to stand up on a table with a megaphone and sing “He voted leave, he voted leave, Corbyn voted leave” in anywhere “hipster” near me, ie the Northern Quarter or Chorlton/Didsbury in Manchester and see how people react.





I have not watched Family Guy for a long time, and that was almost absurdly unfunny. I actually feel like my life now has less humour in it thanks to that.


i mean, it’s not a secret. but also STAY OUTTA CHORLTON i dont live there any more


TBF that idea dates back to November 2016, when I was trying too hard to be 100% woke (and 100% edgy to lift my mood)) inhe wake of Trump and burned myself out with paranoia. I fainted three times in one week, including once in one of the takeaways between Victoria Station and Shudehill and another in a London McDonalds after reading “Trump IS President Elect - the thread” on this very forum.


In my mind, it’s Ricky Gervais and he’s doing the face.


would be perfect for some banging psych/krautrock


i think they would probably just be very embarrassed for you tbh



Oh my Lord, there’s dozens of the f@ckers…


Cos fake news, right



cool, wish my phone did that


A darker approach for the new season of Shooting Stars.