And again








Quite like that, tbh.


I did but it was more about heavy-handed the Photoshopping tried to make Trump etc look gammony.


I love the Kayne Wests. Respect Yourself was my favourite song of 1984.



I also like this




Dumn arse


Also old man who knows and cares who Corbyn is but for some reason he uses turtle instead of tortoise


This seems pretty good satire to me.

Mate you seem to be scattergunning a bit in this thread


Absolutely love/hate the ‘yarn’ format.

Just enough gravitas to twist it from a simple ‘heh’-worthy quip into something for chumps to hold up as biting insight.


And the punctuation is a disgrace


I think I’ve just run out of steam. It’s time for a new engine to take over this thread.


Then again, I wouldn’t have the dubious pleasures of sharing things like this.

Calling Black Friday racist for trolling points was funny I suppose, five years ago, for five minutes.


The Mash Report troubles me because it’s woefully shit but if you say it’s woefully shit you need to clarify that you don’t think it’s woefully shit for the reasons that the twats in the comments section think it’s woefully shit but because, despite agreeing with it on a broadly ideological level, it’s simply a bit woefully shit