A new year and things just get worse.


Hahaha. I freakin’ love Sleaford Mods, but someone just tweeted them this:





Can’t be the only person who resents mpbh reposting the entirety of his aunts’ and uncles’ Facebook feeds onto this website for some reason


I mean it’s obviously heavy handed but I rate this


It’s because I’ve been downsizing due to past criticism I started too many threads. But I’ve now gone out of the frying pan and into the fire by putting too many eggs into one basket. I promise 2019 will be the year of quality control of my DiS posts and only eggscellent content.


But yeah, seriously, I think I’ll have an indefinite hiatus from this thread as it was originally great but I feel quite sorry and guilty for spoiling it with an avalanche of lame.


Tbh it’s not the content, MPBH (which is fine, please don’t feel guilty). It’s the quantity in a row! You’re like Theo but without the excuse of being in a different time zone :wink:

I guess it’s the same in the “awful songs” thread where you’ve posted something like 8 of the last 10 responses… I guess you might just need to check yourself a bit when you feel like posting loads in the one thread.

You seem like a decent sort anyway, you’re more than welcome in this thread :+1: in moderation :wink:


Yeah, sorry. I think I need to be a bit more patient and let everyone take turns. Fair enough. I don’t mind if someone throws loads of posts all at once into my threads, but I guess that’s not DiS’ overwhelming majority opinion.

This narrow channelling of posts is probably due to fear I’ll say something (slightly) divisive and get banned due to forum bias against me for past behaviour (which I admit was wrong), hence why I rarely post on serious political threads, but that’s mostly all in my head. Mostly been fine on these boards for the last year :slight_smile:


Most of us are trying to make amends, to a greater or lesser extent, for the dubious things we said and did on the old boards. I know you had a reputation but your current iteration is no bother whatsoever :+1:


I just don’t know why you don’t use Facebook’s unfollow feature on your more objectionable connections. I have.


Thanks CCB. I think the new boards have been definitely better for someone like me who can often struggle with social interaction IRL. When a forum’s all-text there isn’t the same collective conscience as one where many users share what they look like and do “in real life” and not saying you ever behaved like this, but to stop sleazy, aggressive or ignorant posts the latter can only be for the better. :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


I’ve been doing that a lot more recently, with a “three strikes and you’re out” post.

I have to sometimes give people straight reds though, if they post something utterly grotesque. I won’t repeat it here as it was very racist and not remotely funny but I insta-binned someone yesterday for sharing that joke the Tory councillor in Colne got in trouble for six months ago.




There’s a lot going on here


Some of these objects are remarkably buoyant


As well as remarkably large compared to the people in the boats


Probably just an additional sideswipe at our supersized culture