Heavy handed satire spin off thread - your favourite Paweł Kuczyński drawing



Find them all here. This one for me Cliev:


On second thoughts, this is very mean. Shut this down @moderators


It’s very hard to choose, but lets go with this, because how did that limo get there, and how will get away?


Obviously this:


No it’s good.


And…what is it satirising, even?



as I think it’s the original one I saw.

I love how many of the pics there are just a Facebook logo f being used in different ways.


I would guess the central message is that rich people are privileged, but it fails to note that the point of limos is not that wealthy people travel up front with the driver.


I imagine he thinks he’s being incredibly clever with all these too.


This guy is basically the Jack Vettriano of the satire world.



artistic equivalent of a The Last Leg episode


  • He looks exactly like I thought he would
  • Doesn’t look like I expected

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Another brilliant tech one:


he’s about to draw on his table



Right. If I’m ever a successful recording artist, I’m going to get this guy to do the album cover. I’m not going to give him a brief. I’ll just say “paint something that’ll REALLY wake them up.”



I feel like Muse beat you to this, unfortunately.


maybe this IS too mean though tbf.