Heavy handed satire spin off thread - your favourite Paweł Kuczyński drawing

Serious question: Why is it OK to say mean things about bands and politicians we dislike here, but not heavy handed satirists?


It’s a good question.

Politicians are fair game, granted. But if it’s too mean to have a thread dedicated to taking the piss out of this guy, then shouldn’t we shut down last week’s Muse thread too?

Yeah, no one’s attacking him personally, it’s just art criticism. You don’t say Brian Sewell was being mean. (Actually he prob was).

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I’m guessing it’s because Matt Bellamy has a LOT of money while Pawel maybe doesn’t?

That shouldn’t make his work exempt from criticism. He’d probably be insulted by the very idea too.

It’s more because, while it’s very obvious that both are very, very shit. Some people genuinely think Muse are decent

I think this is a complex question and to query it is reductive. I don’t personally think this thread is worthy of closing over meanness but maybe it should be.

There is a difference in terms of how Muse require an audience and how Pawel seemingly does, and also the expected audiences for each are, as well as the questions around whether we are sort of ‘punching down’ at people who like this sort of satirical artwork, who aren’t really the type of person our community includes, or people who like Muse, of which we very much are a part of the same community.

Thread got boring.

You got anything to liven this up? @discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: It is decidedly so

I certainly get punched down every time I talk about how much I like Muse!!!

You make sensible points.

OK, drop it @discobot quote

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Should have reversed it over the canyon

@discobot quote something that Pawel could make some terrible art about

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Would you say this sort of thread is


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if we’re in full ‘say something nice’ territory, if you divorce it entirely from the tent, I actually quite like his art style.

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