Heavy Music - Without Guitars


This is a really great starting point for a thread. Who would you add to this top 10 list or suggest people investigate?

Great to see Pharmakon in there, who was one of the best things I saw at OYA last year. So incredibly intense. If you love HEALTH and haven’t checked her out, do so, asap.


A few Liars albums are quite heavy minus guitars


is bass allowed?

if so then No Spill Blood.


quite a lot of punk jazz stuff really


Woah, listening to Wreck and Reference now = amazing stuff!

Er…I don’t think Perturbator uses guitars, all synths and drum machines innit? This is a beast:

Agree with @Icarus-Smicarus on No Spill Blood, top band, totes heavy.

Some of the It Follows soundtrack by yer man Disasterpiece was sickeningly heavy’noisy as well - the tracks Doppel and Father in particular.


Found out about them on here. Great album


(guitar samples, but not Proper Guitars)


Wreck and Reference are fantastic, really hoping Pharmakon has another release soon as well. I’ll add Dreamcrusher to this, though it’s more on the Prurient/Noise end of things.