Heavy/Noisy/Experimental artists doing good accessible/melodic stuff

He then did the yellow jackets soundtrack didn’t he? Keeps busy for sure!

He’s gone a bit LA new age mystic - he’s still made some great solo albums.


cosmic death metal band doing a Carpenter style synth soundtrack


I initially read that as ‘Carpenters’ which would have been something.


a very obvious one but this was a mainstay of indie clubs in the mid 00s

And it did amuse me how people were singing and dancing to the same guy who wrote this 4 years before


I downloaded a load of demos ages ago but didn’t realise he’d actually released anything proper, so I’ll dig in today, thanks!

One of my mates has massively got into Shudder to Think recently. Pony Express Record is just brilliant isn’t it? Love the Captain Beefheart vibe and Craig Wedren’s singing.


Absolutely gorgeous tune.

It’s amazing - such an anomaly. Never did anything like it, before or after. It was just the right balance of tensions between ‘arty’ and commercial I think.


Think ‘get your goat’ is almost as good personally. The writing is similar, but very different production. Then pony express also has the rock guitar thing going on that Nathan Larson added. Love both those albums. Lucky enough to have seen them a couple of times. Will investigate solo stuff, never listened!

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Wow, this is really good. Love the mellotron, and the guitar blends with it perfectly.

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Botch’s heartbreaking Afghamistam also deserves a mention.


This sounds fucking ace, on the list it goes.

Metallica : “Nothing else matters”

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I think Keep You is the better though :wink: :slight_smile:

My favorite Mars Volta example

I hadn’t really kept up with them until checking this one out but knew they started way more aggressive than they are now. Loving this one so going to check out some of their previous albums

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Prefacing this with I promise this isn’t a shitpost and I’m self-aware enough to recognize how this will infuriate some people. But…

I think it’s lost on a lot of people what an experimental and heavy band the Pumpkins are. Part of it is due to the narrative, part of it is due to the massive commercial success they’ve had, part of it is due to a lot of the most extreme experiments taking place live or off album, and part of it is due to their tendency to have a variety of styles within eras rather than having a clean experimental era / accessible era break.

But it’s absolutely insane how a band who can make terrifying 30 minute metal journeys that feel like stumbling into someone’s nightmare:

and 25 minute unpredictable longform journeys of discordant, explosive brutality:

and 30 minute sprawling, freeform epics:

and a 20 minute riff collage experiment that’s somehow captivating every second of the way:

Can make a song as timeless and accessible and universally resonating as 1979:

or as simple and gentle as Jupiter’s Lament:

or as beautiful and melodic as Behold! The Night Mare

or a ridiculously catchy, poppy dance song

I can list songs forever obviously but it’s really something.


hold on a minute…wait…wait…wait… @TAFH33 likes the Smashing Pumpkins?! When did that happen?