Once I heckled a band to play smells like teen spirit and they did and it was great.

Foo Fighters?

Them crooked vultures actually

The best thing about hecklers is just how they’re always so consistently witty and improve the situation without fail

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If the act has asked a question, that’s not heckling, you’re a good egg (chip) Ruffers

Positive heckling is the hardest to deal with. Someone destroying the flow of a bit to shout like “you’re very funny!” or something. Or when an audience member thinks they’ve been super witty thinking of a punchline to a bit not realising that’s the whole point of the setup.

Nah, it ruins the flow and turns the performance into an entirely different thing. Some acts handle it well because they have to but it’s always a dick move.


I say that since now.

I will not pay you

Greek God/Godess looking professional wrestler 15 minutes into a cardiovascularly gruelling match: * perfoms a triple corkscrew backflip thing off the top rope but flubs the landing and only just grazes their intended target *

Neckbeards in the crowd for next 60 seconds: “YOU FUCKED UP. YOU FUCKED UP. YOU FUCKED UP. YOU FUCKED UP. YOU FUCKED UP”

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PLAY ONE THE DRUMMER KNOWS, that’s a classic

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Wrestling sort of encourages it too. The more offensive or needlessly snarky chants can get tae obviously, but I’ll be forever proud of starting an “it’s not raining” chant when Marty Scurll went for his brolly to lamp someone.

years ago I heckled Richard Herring. He loved it so much he put it in his DVD extras. Can’t remember what I said or what his routine was about (it must be 10 odd years ago) but it was playful rather than nasty.

end of anecdote.

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Was anyone else here at the Jim Ghedi show at End Of The Road the other weekend? There was this guy in the audience who shouted out his name (Jim’s, that is. Not the audience member’s own name) in a Scottish (??) accent. Anyway, got a mild chuckle from Jim and the crowd. But then he did it again after the next song, and again and again and again. At one point he just shouted it about 5 times in quick succession. Prompting Jim to get somewhat exasperated and point out that he wasn’t even pronouncing “Ghedi” correctly. Really odd behaviour and really, REALLY annoying.