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I’ll level with ya, I’m a BIG hedgehog fan

  • spiky little shits
  • cute faces
  • I held a baby one in my hands once
  • shit at doing simple things like crossing the road and being confident and not dying constantly, my spirit animal really
  • they’re just dead tiny

Think I’d like to be a hedgehog whisperer


This is the little hedgehog baby that I held, GBOH. I’d upload the one with me holding it but my face is too gruesome so have one with my mate instead


Once me and @Avery found one in the road after a night in the pub (the hedgehog, not us)and we knew we weren’t supposed to touch it with our human hands so we just lollipop ladied for it for an hour or so, waving all cars off.


Love hedgehogs, when i lived on campus at my university i used to see a lot of them at night, they cheered up my depressing night trips to the library at exam time. Also i would buy dog food and leave it outside my window for them to eat (and they did!) as well as cornflakes for the ducks. I just wanted them all to visit me


Pete Doherty


Once happened across two hedgehogs having it away when on the walk home from the pub. Hats off for them for making it work with all the spikes and that.

Also, hate slugs, so anything that eats them is doing the lords work in my view.


Good to see hedgehogs are the one thing that everyone can get behind.

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There’s one that sometimes potters around my parents’ garden. When they replaced the fence a few years ago, they were woken up by a commotion outside and found it wedged under the new fence. Presumably the gap underneath was smaller than the old fence. They had to dig a bit of the soil out so it could continue its nightly walk.


Yeah, i also fashioned a cradle out of a zine and picke the lovely hedging up and put it into the field and told it a nice story about some fun times we’d once had.


Fucking love hedgehogs. They are crap at evolution but make up for it by being so cute. I want to make a hedgehog highway now





Man, Pokémon are the best

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sometimes i think i’d be fine if the entire world was just me a cute round boy like this, and some nice beaches

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I met one once that was hanging out where cars to and fro, so I rolled my hoodie sleeves down over my hands, picked them up, and put them in a leafy garden right next to a slug


why are they at the beach tho?

I wouldn’t have thought hedgehogs liked the seaside very much


Bet the fucking love it mate, are you kidding? Ice cream, rides, fish and chips, sea air…


it’s true, why wouldn’t they like all those nice things


Apparently British hedgehogs are having an obesity crisis cause well meaning people are leaving out entire tins of dog food and other snacks for them, and their little legs can’t take it :sob:
Miss having a front garden, used to get discount hedgehog food (and they’d get a share of my lizard’s mealworms) and leave it in bowls for them underneath a plastic garden table (they like to be covered when they eat cause they’re prey and vulnerable when eating)
Why are hedgehogs so great, who gave them the right