There’s a good chance I’m wrong


Our new IT director is much taller than his head suggested

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Apparently, I appear taller than I am.

I was 5’3" but in recent measurements I’ve sometimes been 5’4" so I’m going with the taller one now to suit the illusion I give off.

I’m manager of quite a lot of people who have never met me in person now, I’m concerned that I’ll lose whatever respect they may have for me when they see that I am a short guy

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Reckon I’m about 5 10, don’t know tho, never measured myself, seems a bit eugenics.


spiritually I’m like a zephyr or something amorphous like that

could probably fit in a tiny wooden box, but also is sometimes a long, silvery shimmer in the air (maybe 21ft 6in long)

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what the fuck are you talking about

some american podcasters say height the same way you’d say width


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not saying i don’t believe you but i absolutely do not believe you




that’s fine

It’s a bit weird that we’ve got loads of 5’10s, 6’0s and 6’1s but only one 5’11. Are people rounding up a bit do we think, or is it down to people guessing their height at a round number?

Thank fuck for internet shopping that’s all I want to say.

5 ft 7 and size 7 feet.

I’m happy with my height but wish I had size 5 or 6 feet.

Same. Long lost twins?

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And not a single 5’9er.

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sorry guys ive fucked it - didnt realise it was my height thought it was just favorite height


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