How tall are you? How do you feel about it?

I’m 5ft 9 (so I guess with shoes I’m like 5ft10-11). I feel like this is just kind of an average human size most of the time, but I do seem to have a lot of tall female friends as well. I’ve got scoliosis though, so maybe I’ve been cheated out of being a strapping six footer by my treacherous spine.

  • Under 5ft
  • 5ft 1
  • 5ft 2
  • 5ft 3
  • 5ft 4
  • 5ft 5
  • 5ft 6
  • 5ft 7
  • 5ft 8
  • 5ft 9
  • 5ft 10
  • 5ft 11
  • 6ft
  • 6ft 1
  • 6ft 2
  • 6ft 3
  • 6ft 4
  • 6ft 5
  • 6ft 6
  • 6ft 7
  • Over 6ft 7

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I wanted to choose 6’5" as well because I’m not really sure.

Spent my whole life thinking I was 6’4" until I registered with a new doctor and they weighed and measured me. Might be an inch taller.


Didn’t want to be.


6’3" - 1.90m

When I lived in England I was 'lanky’
When I lived in France I was pretty tall - often the tallest person in the room
Living in Sweden I’m fairly average tall

Always taken my height for granted
Hardly ever checked my tall privelege


Can we stop using imperial measurements yet guys? It’s 2016.

If we give it all a good go I believe we can do it by 2018.


I would like it if I wasn’t the height that I am but that I was 4 or 5 inches taller instead.


Teenagers are huge these days.

Teenagers scare the living shit outta me.


It’s nice when I’ve been to nordic countries and I’m suddenly the average/normal size and the clothes in the shops are long enough.


Not this




@saps doesn’t seem very grateful for that extra boost he got from the doctor, maybe he could donate it


How far away do you reckon we are from cosmetic surgery being possible to make someone a tad taller?


I was 5’6.5" the last time i was measured


Just have to wait for platform shoes to come back into general fashion.


5’9", which is now just under average height for a UK male.

Doesn’t bother me too much, unless I’m in a crowd at a gig or something, however having visited Japan and Hong Kong, you really notice the difference when you’re taller than average. Totally changed my perception of the world.

I’ve only ever had women comment about my lack of height - usually in the same sentence as them saying that they could never go out with someone under 6ft as shorter men are insecure. Yeah, really, I wonder why that is…


Might learn how to use very small, discreet stilts or something


I’ve had the opposite I guess. I don’t care about men being tall, but I have certainly encountered plenty who get pissy that I’m the same size as them. Anyone whose ego is that fragile can fuck off though.

I have been out with two 6ft 4 ers. They were generally just pleased that I was built on the same scale and not a foot shorter than them.


91.44 Centimetres High And Rising
914.4 Metre Stare

It just doesn’t work


i pictured you being really short
no idea why


See, what you’re doing there is taking well know phrases and twisting them to make a mockery of sense.

Metres are a lot easier than knowing how many eggs go into a cadillac, and how many caddilacs make up a trolley, and how many trolleys equal a mile.