Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup

The best soup, indisputably.

Thanks for listening.

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Best tinned soup or best soup outright?



The best tomato soup, arguably. Certainly not the best soup though

The best tomato soup ever made ever?


Yeah definitely my favourite.

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had two tins of this lately, first ones in years. gotta say… it’s ruddy good stuff.


Best soup outright

Best soup is a dead soup

Quite possibly. Tinned is definitely the way to go with tomato soup though.

The fresh ones are usually terrible, might as well just pour a tin of chopped tomatoes down your neck.

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Urbanfox knows soup

Heinz tomato soup with lots of black pepper and cheese sandwiches on Warburtons toastie is my go to ill dinner when i’m feeling ill. I bloody love it!

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I love it - but I’m not sure there is anything objective about my love for it - pure childhood nostalgia innit

I would be interested to know what an adult who had never had it before would think of it

They’d think it was the best

muligatawny innit

I had some big soup recently

it was absolute flth, smelled and tasted like cat food

It;s the Chicken one by New Covent Garden or whatever theyre caklled

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Yes, that’s a good soup.

got a new game changer

Chicken and Chorizo Jambalaya from NGC