Heinz sandwich spread appreciation thread

Good stuff:

Better in a sandwich with either ham or cheese than branston pickle is, imho.


I have never tried this but I have to say it looks absolutely vile


That’s part of the charm


Might get some of this, I know exactly where to find it too, there’s an Asda in Wavertree that seems to specialise in tinned goods and jars of mush that were popular in the 70’s

I can recommend it!

It’s a bit like coleslaw with half a bag of sugar added

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Buy the lidl own brand one of this sometimes, it comes in a massive jar and lasts forever

I love sandwich spreads in all their varieties

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Remember the war


I tend to just use Branston pickle and squire Kewpie mayonnaise on top of that.

bit of that and some crisps in a sandwich. lovely jumbly

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strong nostalgia for this - my mom used it in school sarnies all the time. I think i grew to really like it but bought a jar a year or so ago to check, and it was gross.

no idea what this is…but you put mayo on pickle!? You crazy, CRAZY man

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It’s just a really nice mayonnaise.

Yes, you have the pickle for the sharp flavour, the mayo to keep it from being too dry. They work very well together.

i feel horrified but i think i may try it one day for lunch this week. I hope you’re right Theo!

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Side point that I am a veggie so I cannot speak for it with meat, I just think it goes well with a cheese and tomato or cheese and salad sandwich.

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i eta meat but not frequently. Think i may go for two types of cheese. Adding salad seems like to much potential for sogginess.

I usually make fresh as I’m at home so I don’t tend to find there’s time for sogginess, but otherwise I agree that salad sandwiches or cheese and tomato ones can easily end up a bit soggy if you make them in the morning for lunch later.

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Good sandwiching this. Can’t really think of a sandwich I’d have that isn’t one slice mayo one slice pickle/mustard/hot sauce/whatever.

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Used to have this as a kid in my school packed lunch. Didn’t like it much then, will not be going back to try it again as an adult. Fuck you, mum.


Ooooh. You have my attention. They’re only diddy little pots aren’t they? Might have to dip a toe. Or spoon, probably more hygienic

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the only way this could be worse is if it mentioned the word ‘chunks’