Apparently Hold Your Horse Is is 20yrs old this year. Still think it’s their best album!

After seeing these clips, I wonder if we might still see a return of the duo?




Would love if they played a show in Europe but that’s unlikely.

Only just copped the cover for The Devil Isn’t Red looks very much like something Chrome would have done. Must have taken me over ten years to notice that.

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Shit yes!!

Would absolutely love to see these guys play. Passed up the opportunity a couple of decades ago, thinking “I’ll catch them next time around” (see also: Fugazi), and next time never happened. Here’s hoping.

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hell yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

yeah i get the feeling we’ll be seeing them again which is very exciting. such a killer live band, who never replicated it on record for me but made some great records! Hold your Horse Is, and Tripper are my favourite ones probably. Remember the dilute split being great also. Man they could play.