hello and good evening on this, the 3rd of February 2021

I have been reading about Cistercian monks’ numerical alphabet today, it’s pretty cool: https://o0morgan0o.github.io/CisterianNumbers/

My arm feels like lead after my flu jab yesterday. hate it. Shepherd’s Pie for dinner with butternut squash topping instead of potatoes. Then I’m going to attempt to eat some blueberries with yoghurt. I HAAAATE blueberries so wish me luck friends.

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My neighbour gave me some potatoes and aubergine and cauliflower and I managed to find a tin of coconut milk by asking some other neighbours. It wasn’t in date but not too old. Made a Chinese curry that I love but the fish sauce was also out of date.

Made a massive batch and felt so happy to have a real fresh meals and plenty to freeze and that I’d found time to cook it too.

It tastes…different. Don’t trust its safe now even though I think its all in my head and going to have to chuck it.

Feel like crying. Toast it is, again.

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Helping a pal with a funding application because I’m a great guy

Wen to shop, carried 12 pints of milk and other assorted things home. :muscle:

Making jollof rice, halloumi fries and then settling in for the big match.

Maybe freeze it and see if you feel differently about it another day?

Tinned coconut milk is very unlikely to be unsafe to eat after its best before unless the tin is damaged or rusting. Fish sauce is very salty isn’t it, so i can’t imagine that goes off very fast either.


Yeah but its really really old fish sauce, and has been open for ages (and if it was just like ketchup or something that would be OK with me but as its made form fermented fish I feel like it might be not a good idea). I’ve made the meal so many times and it tastes nothing like it :grimacing:

I’ve used very old fish sauce before and it was totally OK - please freeze some of what you’ve made in case you’re fine, and can eat it again another day :slight_smile:

Obviously trust your senses but this might reassure you more generally about out of date fish sauce
Does Fish Sauce Go Bad? - Does It Go Bad?.


This is like 5 years out-of date and has been open that whole time. If I get sick no one can have M and being sick with 4 yo is hell. Going to have to take the hit here as i already feel sick after a few tastes.

Wish there was a little thermometer that instead of temperature told you if food was going to make you sick. @Epimer patent this ASAP

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Need something more intricate than this. I can tell its ain’t fresh, I want like a bad bacteria detector

It does that!

Not a classification category I’ve come across before

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OK then. Can you send me one as compensation?


I looked up who the applicant was to see where you can buy one and the company is called “Food Quality Sensor International”.

Must’ve taken ages to come up with that



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Just had therapy and it was quite good. Gonna eat some food and maybe even a bit of wine.

Work is a car crash atm. Need to get to the weekend, fast.

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Oxford played yesterday, Slicks.


Haven’t done much today cause Mrs F didn’t sleep at a last night due to back problems so I’ve used it as an excuse to be lazy all day. Making lamb steaks, roast potatoes and veg in giant Yorkshire puddings for tea, that’s about all.

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Very well they did too.

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