Hello film/TV fans

I am very excited, because I will shortly be launching an exciting new project about which I am very excited.

Part of the project will be a section called ‘Love Letter’, which I’m hoping will be a collection of people’s reviews of their favourite film/TV series/episode. This could be two paragraphs or two pages. It could be a serious film, or it could be Dude Where’s My Car. It could be all of Game of Thrones, or the Chinese Restaurant episode of Seinfeld (except don’t do that, as I might do it myself). As long as you’re passionate about the subject, it’s going up.

Let me know if you’d like to contribute – the more the merrier. You can either just send me a wodge of text (happy to spell check), or if you have any specific images send me them too.



Just bumping this like a dickhead as I’ve had a fair amount of interest on the old facey b, and would love for any of you knowledgable film lovers to submit something if you have the time.

My sister wrote a thing on When Harry Met Sally, so a contrast to that would be most welcome.