Hello?...Hi I'm Adelle and I'm calling from Adept Consultancy Services


[2 second gap]
My records show you’ve been involved in an accident is that right?
[2 second gap]
Ok can I take some details from you?
[call drops]

^this is a recorded message that keeps coming through to my phone from a number in Birmingham. Can’t work out what they’re getting out of this.


say yes

pretend to be a child


Preferred rolling in the deep tbh




I got a call like this yesterday and thought the woman sounded really robotic!! Guess she was!! I hate them all


When I was 11 or so, we got a call like this to our house phone, and I was the one that picked up.

Woman: Is your mum there?
Me: No.
Woman: Because she said she’s looking to install double glazing.
Me: No, she’s not [Because she wasn’t!]
Woman: [Pause] Oh, so I’m lying, am I? Silly boy. [Hangs up]

I’ve never recovered from that phonecall.



how did you know about your mum’s home maintenance plans aged eleven?


How is this not a Jordan thread title??






We didn’t have much money.


Had a speight of these calls a few months back.

Once, after they said they were calling about the accident I was recently involved in I agreed and said “that’s right, your mum ran me over last week”.

He said “sir - go and fuck yourself” and hung up.