Hello i'm LIVE on the radio tonight

Wheyyy the internet radio anyway. 10pm GMT on noodsradio.com playing some tunes and some field recordings mixed together n that. I haven’t posted on here v much for a longish while l but I have been on since 2004 and I don’t think I ever said anything in the past that was that bad like that Labour MP bloke so I reckon this plug is okay. Will be doing a show every third Sunday of EVERY MONTH now. Tonight you can look forward to a dark ambient Tyne and Wear Metro journey and the sound of all my money being lost in Whitley Bay as well as some great, great music.

I hope you are doing alright :slight_smile:


if you’re at all interested you can now listen to it and the tracklisting is there minus the field recording and ropey patter :slight_smile: