Hello, it's Tuesday Evening


I just had a good phonecall for work and now I’m gonna cook some pasta and effing chill the hell out. I also fixed my nice headphones today which is fucking joyful. Weird day at work, everyone seems to behaving some sort of pressure-related nervous breakdown of some kind.

What are your plans for the evening, friends of DiS?

2hr 50min til hometime!

it sure is!

I’m in my dressing gown and haven’t left the house all day.

Think I’m winning


Hi, just doing my uni lecture - we just type into a chat room so I find I’m twiddling my thumbs a fair bit waiting for others to type something.

Got a babysitter with Jnr so I’m enjoying the time to myself at my fancy new desk tucked away in my bedroom. I love my flat. Don’t love that I’ve not had heating for 9 days and my landlady still isn’t responding :confused:

you fucking are, Bammers. Winner


I’m in an office on my todd, chatting online with some daftie
And y’all of course.

ouch! I hope you have some warm jumpers at least

I do, but Jnr refuses to sleep under a blanket so I’m hoping she doesn’t get icy toes

me too!

Happy evening all.

Feeling properly down and anxious today but I’m not really sure why so :woman_shrugging:

Although I just noticed that Masterchef Professionals starts tonight :+1: followed by Rick Stein’s Road to Mexico @ericthefourth


My mate did one of those online creative writing masters at one of the Manchester ones, seemed to enjoy it but a lot of it did seem to be … chatrooms

Ah I hope you’re alright and it passes!

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Omg yes!!!


Thanks, it’s been a few days now so I think I’m now just being anxious about being anxious! :roll_eyes:

It’s just annoying as the whole thing I like about learning is the chats you have organically, there’s no time or scope for them in this format and it’s not even convenient as I thought it might be when I signed up because it clashes with bedtimes and stuff.

Aw man. I have just come out of a period of big anxiety so I can totally relate. It being dark and cold doesn’t really help eh


pretty heavy going day at work so not doing much tonight. will try and finish stranger things.

misery ready meal paella for dinner. looks grim.

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Read this at first as if you were going to bed at 6 :joy:
Not to say you couldn’t!!

Hello! Gonna make a chilli then might venture out for a pub quiz

Just had a nap. Was good. Work was better today. So slightly positive.

I wanted bubble and squeak, sausages and eggs for tea, but we’re having pizza. Probably the only time I don’t really fancy pizzer.

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