Hello Mother Leopard


Post strange lyrics / words / passages from your favourite / doesn’t have to be favourite songs


Hey ho huff the Talbot
Cheat he cried shouting kangaroo
It’s true in their tree they cried


Shit should’ve said to also post song and artist


Tell me more (song and artist)


Brief fulfilled. That is baffling. Drugs were surely involved


Supposed to be in response to the kangaroo mentalness


Yes I believe drugs may have been involved
The lyrics all written out read as quite a good poem though


“may” :joy:


Never listened to any of his stuff. Is this typical of his solo work?


Yeah pretty much. This is off Madcap Laughs which is probs the only solo one worth getting, there are only two others and they’re a bit too frazzled and produced worse. This one is nuts but in an endearing way


But you didn’t. I mean I know it’s At the Drive-in but you shouldn’t assume :wink:


It’s an exclusive thread for folks in the know. I just did, up there. Got any fucked up lyrics to share?


…and I’ve just realised what you were meaning. I know but I at least tried to correct my mistake


You’ve got to be…

You’ve gotta be your own dog.

Know what I’m saying?

It’s like a James Brown thing. Yeah!

Don’t let no-one put a leash on you.


There was a frail syrup dripping off his lapdanced lapel, punctuated by her decrepit prowl she washed down the hatching gizzard. Soft as a mane of needles, his orifice icicles hemorrhaged by combing her torso into a pile. Perspired, the trophy shelves made room for his collapse. She was a mink handjob in sarcophagus heels.


No, only one at the end, you dumb shit.


“There’s a man with a mullet going mad with a mallet in Millets” - Half Man Half Biscuit “National Shite Day”


Should have read the OP properly, that’s not particularly strange. Funny though.


Bloody great lyrics that. Need to get with some Half Man Half Biscuit. Sounds like my kind of thing


this is great