Hello, please help me with tech stuff!

Hi nerds!
Probably very simple questions, but I want to help my Stepmum be able to use Zoom so she can video chat with her family (they live really far away and she hasn’t seen them in over a year)- can you please help me with the following stuff?
First thing- I’m gonna need to print screen pictures of the tablet with instructions on what to press, how do I print screen and then send those pictures to my windows laptop? The tablet is android and my laptop is windows.
Second thing- once I’ve print screened them and written up the guide, where do I print them off? Can I just google it? They’re gonna have to be on paper for her. (I’m banned from my local library)
Third thing- I’m gonna get a dongle and top it up myself, can I just tell her to leave it on at all times?

Think that’s it for now, but any help on how to guide a completely technophobic person in to using Zoom and stuff would be very much appreciated :slight_smile: I’ve got a little tablet stand and stuff so she’ll just have to sit it on her coffee table.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile: X

Need more details


When I do this with work for mobile software I screenshot each screen, email the screenshots to myself and then Mark it up using word.
Fuck knows where you’re going to something printed at the minute
How much data on the dongle

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Also if it’s running recent software you might be able to screen record and do a how to video

definitely porno related.

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Happy of you want to send stuff to me to print and post to you.

Otherwise I would screenshot and whack into word like safebruv said. There may be a YouTube video you can send her which might help?.

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Bit of an odd setting for a porno

God I’m an idiot, didn’t even think of that. Sweet, thank you so much! That’s the first point sorted! Presume it’ll let me delete every single other app, will try now.

Oh shit, is that a problem at the mo?? Bollocks. Okay. Worst case scenario is I get the crayons out.

No idea. No clue. No idea how much zoom uses.

Thank you! x

Re screenshotting it’ll be one of the volume buttons and the home button probably

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Btw you must have the patience of an absolute saint for even attempting this, trying to teach auld ma Ruffs literally the most basic tech instructions makes me want to cave my own head in with a rusty nail within five minutes


Oh it’s not even funny I’m afraid. Years ago I skidded down the stairs in there and shouted swear words because OUCH, TAIL BONE, and got given a warning. And cause they were being so unfair I never returned two books out of spite and got send a letter.


About 1.5gb-2gb per hour for group chats apparently.
What I meant though was how much data is on the dongle contract? Is it pay as you go or something?

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Yeah, I was gonna go PAYG for her rather than contract, the chances are she won’t want to do that many. Think I’ve got an inherited old dongle in a bag somewhere in a cupboard, so was just gonna get a new SIM for it and keep the top up card, so she can just call me when she needs more money on it.

The Funkhouser Story


My stepmum is proper smart, she’s just scared of it. She’ll catch on quickly. (Famous last words)

Check reception in her house before getting a sim

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It’s fine with Three (that’s my provider and it’s been grand there for years).

Thank you so much for your help by the way, you are an ANGEL

Everyone gets it quick. I taught a load of blokes who dig holes how to record their work and do their timesheets on a phone. Once you get past the fear of them breaking it it’s a piece of piss.


Yeah! Exactly this.
Just wanna make it as simple as poss so she doesn’t get spooked and bolt like a deer. I’m confident though! It’ll do her the world of good once she gets the knack of it.