Hello, please help me with tech stuff!

Ahhh thank you so much!! <3
Re: YouTube though, she doesn’t have a smart phone or internet or anything, so that might be a battle not worth having :smiley:

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This reminds me of the huge manuals I used to make for my mum whenever I had to leave her in charge of her grandchild, explaining how to use my BT TV thingie to get to the various places to find the programmes that might be requested.

I mean you’ve presumably seen the document I did for how to Moderate DiS so you already know the sort of thing I’d do, lots of drawings and stuff.

I set my mum up with an Android tablet first and it was mostly just a question of setting up the home page to have the icons of all the programs she needed. Unfortunately Samsung made it very hard to delete a lot of the stuff that came with it but as long as it was all on the main screen it was normally fine.

I suppose your main thing is how is she going to get the link to a particular Zoom meeting? I guess you’re setting her up with a Gmail or something at the same time?

Having a problem connecting my projector to a bluetooth speaker.

Projector has: “AV INPUT” connector and the speaker has: “AUDIO IN” connector. Have tried using a 3.5 male to 3.5 male jack cable and no sound transferred…

Would a proper AUX cable or a mini Bluetooth receiver like this solve it? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202509315820

Hopefully this is the right thread for this. I have what’s hopefully a very simple question and I’ve done some digging online, but I just want to make sure since I’m living in the 90s and don’t have a smart phone and don’t understand how anything works.

Basically, I have a HUGE Photo Library that’s clogged up our iCloud and we don’t want to pay more. My wife has a work desktop, laptop, iPad, and her iPhone hooked up to the cloud. Is this a good way to get the old pictures off of the cloud without losing them, while allowing for new pictures to be shared between the devices?

  1. Move the Photo Library to Dropbox (already done this step)
  2. Open Photos holding the Option key and create a new blank Photo Library
  3. Set the new library to be the System Photo Library

Am I correct in thinking that now:

  • All of the old photos will be stored on Dropbox and can be opened any time in Photos by doing the Option key thing
  • The old photos will be completely off the iCloud, freeing up the space
  • The computers, phone, and iPads will default to the new blank photo album, and any future picture taken will go there and be stored on the iCloud

Does the audio come out of the projector?

If so I would assume you need a Bluetooth transmitter plugged into the projector (not a Bluetooth receiver) and then the Bluetooth speaker would pick this up?

Maybe something like this?

Does the projector have headphones out?

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Yeah the sound comes out the projector and the fan inside is pretty loud/obtrusive. Sadly the projector doesn’t have a headphone jack.


Will take a look at that Bluetooth thing. :+1:

When you say the sound comes out of it do you mean it only comes out via an HDMI cable then? Or does it just have a built-in speaker?

Can you give us the make and model so we can look it up?

This is a bit Apple-centric for me but in terms of how a cloud storage works then yes, if you take the photos off it and delete it then you will no longer see them via the app that shows photos from your cloud storage and new photos should be going up there fine.

Move the Photo Library to Dropbox

I assume you mean you took all the photos out of the iCloud and pasted them into the Dropbox? Are we talking a 5GB free setup here for iCloud and Dropbox? Because if you open a Google account you get 15GB free and you could then install the Google Photos app on devices and backup photos to a new Google account for free automatically?

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Yeah, not individually though - I moved the entire photo library out of the iCloud into Dropbox (it took a few hours, and in the preferences the path now shows that it’s in Dropbox, so it seems to be good). Since I’ve only done Step 1 and still have it set as the system library, they’re still all using iCloud space despite not “being located” there - I think / hope Steps 2 and 3 will sever the link without losing anything?

Over 80 GB of pictures unfortunately. That’s a great suggestion for next time though.

Ah okay, I’m fairly out of my depth now. I don’t really know the costs of that amount of online storage. As long as you never lose your login details an online one is going to be safest.

iCloud is apparently
United States4 (USD)
50 GB : $0.99
200 GB : $2.99
2 TB : $9.99

So if you’re already at 80GB I’m confused how you’re running out of space since you must be on the 200GB level of $3 a month? Or is that because you have all your machine backups on there already.

Looking at Dropbox they seem to leap from 2GB free to 2TB with no in between but it seems slightly more than Apple for the same size.

I think also it sounds like you’re using Apple Photos which I never really understood, and which even Mac-Heads told me was utter shit. Like it sounds as if by saying you’ve moved the library you’re really talking about the index for the photos but they’re all still stored in whatever weird medium Apple uses.

In my head a photo library is just folders and folders of photos. I think what you’ve done (if that’s the case) sounds a bit unwise. Where are you planning for the 80GB of photos to eventually end up? If the endgame is actually to just have them on three different hard drives so one can sit in a safe, preferably remotely, and the other two in different places at home that makes sense. If you need them available outside your house you could probably get yourself a NAS with storage and put some TB drives in it and then open stuff out via the web, although compared to the costs of online storage you may find this will take you about 2 years before its profitable.

Oh, I should have mentioned, I learned that we had been paying the $9.99 iCloud plan for the last couple months, which is why I started looking into this. If I get the photos thing resolved, I can get our iCloud storage to under 50 GB (I already took a bunch of huge files off of there).

Yeah, this was one of my main worries, the pure “C:\Folder\File.jpg” of PC’s always made much more sense to me. From what I can tell, there’s one big “Photo Library.photoslibrary” index file - the originals are all stored as jpegs within that (and the file paths are actually \dropbox\folder\name.jpg" so it makes me think it’s not just a weird index of references now).

My fear is once I create a new blank system library to free up the cloud space, some weird syncing thing that I don’t understand is going to delete them even though they’re not located on the cloud anymore (but are occupying memory there). Basically, I don’t understand Mac syncing, and the whole “iCloud Photos” option in Photos preferences seems pretty confusing.

The current plan is just to store them on Dropbox (which my wife has and needs for work, I just learned). I don’t really need them anywhere outside the apartment.

Okay, so if you’re just moving from iCloud to Dropbox then it sounds like you’re probably okay with using this?

Or possibly it’s just this?

But this implies that given your wife has a full Dropbox account you can probably get help from the community there if you need it

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I dug through some of the Amazon questions when I purchased a while ago and it wasn’t clear / contradictory in some aspects. Didn’t want to add a computer but I guess these layouts will work:

Projector > HDMI to USB C > MacBook > Bluetooth Speaker

Projector > Chromecast > MacBook > Chrome Tab > Bluetooth Speaker

I think it’s basically just second one, which seems simple when put that way.

You can either just backup the whole Photos folder ( /username/pictures/photo library)

That’s the step I did, and it seems to have worked. They talk about turning off iCloud photos entirely though, which I don’t want to do (ideally I’d like to have a new blank Photo Library still hooked up to the cloud so my wife can take reference pictures for work), but I think that should still be ok given the old album and jpegs are located on Dropbox. I think at this point I’m just scared to pull the trigger. That’s a good idea about asking on the Dropbox forum, I wasn’t aware they had one (a few days ago I didn’t know that iCloud and Dropbox were two different things). Thanks for all of the help, I really appreciate it.

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