Hello Sunday :) April 10th

Good morning friends.
Slept atrociously so didn’t bother trying to go back to sleep after sorting the cat’s breakfast at half six. Sat on the sofa watching YouTube vids.

What’re your plans for today, pals?

I need to give the cat another bath, gonna make soup and go for a walk round the park. Have some cycling shorts being delivered today, which is about as exciting as it gets.


Morning kerny,

I am also awake early and can’t get back to sleep. Think I’m going to give up trying and get up.

You bath your cat? Does he/she like it?


Sorry you’re also a member of the bad sleep crew :frowning:

Yes! No, she hates it :smiley: but she’s disabled so she can’t clean herself properly, the poor little mite. Obvs brush her and stuff but she gets a bit flakey on the back/lower tail area so have to get in there and give it a good scrub every now and then so she doesn’t get itchy. She gets lots of cuddles and warm towels and treats after and does tend to forgive me eventually.

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Morning kerms

Up as the dog wakes at 6.15, eats his breakfast has a poo and then back to sleep on my lap.

Still trash telly time isn’t it??

No real plans today. Bit of a walk. Curry for dinner. Put hoover round.

Best thing no Sunday dreads! :star_struck::star_struck:



I’d like to be asleep but there’s an annoying voice in my ear saying “i want crumpets”, think it’s M rather than my own. Hard to say.

No real plans today, few hours to myself later this morning, and I have a little zoom date tonight :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The dream!!

Yay for no Sunday dreads :partying_face:


Ahhh that’s very sweet and I’m glad she eventually forgives you. I don’t think my girls would like being bathed either. Audrey gets a bit flaky sometimes too so I add a drizzle of olive oil to her food (the vet suggested it) and she loves it. Cats go crazy for oil, don’t they?!

I think I’m going to have a lazy day today but might wander down the road to watch the marathon later.


Ooooh, I hope your zoom date goes well!

Love a crump, hope you both enjoy when you have them. How do you have yours? I like mine well done with just butter, so if you threw it at a wall it would make a thump, but my best mate likes hers burnt. Actually burnt. With marmite. Takes all sorts I guess.

:face_holding_back_tears: :heart: SUCH a good name for a cat!! Amazing :smiley:

They do!! Funny little things. Mine has salmon oil on her breakfast, and it makes me laugh sometimes that I’ll forget to take my multivitamin but the fancy lady always gets her oils and probiotics :smiley:

Lazy day sounds wonderful. You’ve got some time off, right? You definitely deserve to enjoy it and laze about!

Nothing but respect for people who do marathons, especially on a Sunday. Sometimes going downstairs and putting the coffee machine on on a Sunday leaves me feeling like a Victorian woman who needs to take to her bed.

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Mortifyingly kerms, because they come in silly packs of 6 and we had some yesterday, there are only 2 left and I’m sacrificing my crumpet needs like some sort of saint.

Yes, thumps for me too please. Slightly burned, well, brown and hard, with obscene amounts of that naturli vegan butter. I only ever liked them with butter but i had a banging cheese one at an event recently. Haven’t experimented with such wild toppings myself though, probably never will.

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+1 for the slept atrociously club. Feeling like actual shit today. Muscles in my ribs hurt, the roots of my hair hurt. Covid test was negative :cowboy_hat_face:. Have to drag myself in today and I’m the only manager, but not going to go in tomorrow. Looks like a nice day outside :sob:

Good morning everyone!

I’m still in bed, but Holly is going a bit crazy so I probably need to get up and feed the cats

Our road is closed at both ends because of the marathon today, so we’ll go and watch that for a bit. Maybe when we can get through we’ll stroll into town and catch a later stage. It’s a nice day for it

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Hiya :wave:

Funeral today :pensive: gonna have another snooze before getting ready.

Had a cold brewing for the last few days but it has felt very mild. Couldn’t get a heat in me last night and felt quite achy. Slept like rubbish.

So on the covid test train just now. Very inconclusive so far. One seems to have a very faint line but it only appeared after an hour or so rather than the required fifteen minutes.

Avoided covid for two years and would really rather it not ruin my going to see mclusky tonight.

A bit of cheese on a crump can be a pleasant addition tbf, but

No shame in that, imo. They’re fantastic the way they are. Keep seeing tiktoks of the youth making french toast and whathaveyou with crumps and I want to shout “that’s what BREAD is for!! Leave the crumps alone!”


Oh mate, I’m so sorry.

Think I speak for everyone here when I say I hope it goes as well as it possibly can and we’re all sending you lots of love xxxx



Get well soon rich, and @shinymcshine x


Morning! Feeling a bit groggy but I think that’s because I actually slept well for The first time this week and my body isn’t used to it.

Today’s plans are: finish cleaning the flat including the outside of our windows, which still have sand on them after that Saharan sand/rainstorm weeks ago. Then my girlfriend’s aunt and uncle are coming to see us and we’re cooking them kedgeree which I’m pretty excited to eat already.

Then an early night as we’ve got a taxi coming to pick us up for the airport at half 3 in the morning :dizzy_face:

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That sounds like a lovely day! I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

I’ve not cleaned my windows since I moved in about three years ago and they are frankly foul. I can barely tell what the weather is doing. It annoys @Epimer though, so I’ll leave them be. We’ve all got to do our bit.

WOOF!! I hope it’s delicious!! Will you post a pic please?! :yum:

Ooooh I hope you have a nice holibobs!

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I’ll get a picture if I remember! And thanks, really excited now, even with a 6.30 flight!

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