Hello Thursday!

And Hello DiS too

Whatcha up to?


It is currently not raining, so should probably get a bit of the old dog walking in while we can, I suppose.

Morning there was a fire alarm this morning when I got into the office caused by the oven in the shop. This has meant that I have not had my office cinnamon swirl. Quite angry about it.

Thought I was gonna be better today but still can’t breathe properly :mask: Another day lying down it is then :roll_eyes:

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Morning all!

I was meant to do the thread but I forgot.

Sorry @colon_closed_bracket!

Morning DiS

Had an alright sleep so feeling fairly decent. Though did have a middle of the night nosebleed which was inconvenient. Still lying jn bed as mini is still snoozing so thats fine by me. Im comfy and warm and ive got my phone.

Today is Baby Sensory then up to the library to return some books/see my friend.

Might get a coffee on my travels. Might not. Who knows!

Morning! I am at my friend’s and I’ve opened the doors slightly in the hope her cat will come in for a cuddle. Fingers crossed.

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Eating hotel breakfast

Train is delayed and I was running late so didn’t have breakfast. Could have had me toast ffs.

how is it?

Ok, veggie sausages only available on request and cba, think we should lobby parliament to ban those hotel toasters and install normal ones

Coffee machine was probably above par.

Was tempted by a wee bowl of Coco pops but decided against it

It’s okay, I had a backup plan …*

I’m in Wisbech, Capital Of The Fens this morning. It’s normally sunny when I come here but it’s cold and grey here.

Without further ado, here’s the :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sun_with_face:

:sunny: :crescent_moon: Daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 08:05 16:07 08:02:17 +2:13
London 08:01 16:15 08:13:55 +2:06
Glasgow 08:40 16:10 07:29:15 +2:37
Manchester 08:19 16:14 07:55:10 +2:18
The Beer Factory, Devon 08:11 16:35 08:24:25 +1:59
Newcastle 08:25 16:04 07:39:18 +2:29
Cardiff 08:14 16:28 08:14:09 +2:05
Belfast 08:40 16:23 07:43:30 +2:26

No major milestones to report today but solid progress from all represented.

*I sent a message to a once-used joke account of mine and then copied and pasted the formatting into this post. The things I do for you…

That’s better


The wind’s making my window whistle.

Brighton breaks the +2 minute milestone today. Our southern location means that we lag behind most of the rest of the country on that front. The Beer Factory hits that milestone tomorrow too

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what, the ones with the wee conveyor belt?! those are amazing


Morning :wave:

Got the dentist later to have a tooth out. Not looking forward to it tbh but the lovely IV sedation is always good. Apologies if I’m on here talking gibberish later (same as always really but maybe more typos).

Have cleaned the flat top to toe and sorted the cat and stocked my fridge full of soup so hopefully just lying in bed watching telly when I get back.

Nothing else to report really. Want another coffee but I’m not allowed. Huff. January is such a grim month innit? Feeling meh but so is everyone else in the country so onwards Christian soldiers and all that


Good luck :heart:

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Thank you! Hope you feel better soon lovely man xx

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good lord

read instead of watching TV last night before bed, didn’t even go to sleep that late by my standards, thought i was doing great

up at 330, far too hot no matter what i did, couldn’t get back to sleep til 7ish, slept through until 1030. Late for work and emotionally and physically ruined, bleh

pain au choc to soothe the psychic wounds