Hello wednesday you devious bastard

Yes, it is the day referenced above.

How are you getting through it?

Mine is gonna be a long one.

Luckily, last night in the wee small hours the smoke alarm started to chirp about his low battery. What a prick. Nearly stabbed him with the screwdriver.


Been up since half five. Had a tea and a coffee and a tangerine. Got dressed into my cycling gear to schlep into the office. Hi Wednesday! Hi shinymcshine!

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Morning all!

The Child has a bit of a snotty sore throat so we think we’re keeping her off today. We’ll both still be working at various points but it should be OK.

I’ve been up since 6ish.

I was going to get a hair cut later but I think that might not happen now.

Good morning

Not much to report today; going to go for a walk then WFH, just starting to feel like I need to take on a bit more work to make the next few months work out, no idea how I’m gonna do that yet though.

Off today. Walk round a local country park after dropping my daughter at nursery I think. Listening to Pedro The Lion and about to have my breakfast.

Hope all your days are tolerable

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Read this as ‘terrible’ at first.

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I also hope your days are terrible



Had my porridge.
Going to take the dog for a walk and then go for a bikecycle ride.

Will have a bath this afternoon

Up since five. :dog2::person_shrugging::rofl:

Listening to the offspring

Work awaits :muscle:


Another day of resisting the urge to tell my boss to fuck off with their passive aggressive micromanaging while waiting hopefully for confirmation of redundancy.


2 x 2hr presentations with 2hrs driving around to them on 2 completely different subjects.

All the 2s but poor planning by safebruv. Just gonna have to wing one of them

Woke at four, A woke at six, work at seven. Listening to Jackie McLean’s New And Old Gospel then the most recent Aesop Rock to get me through the morning.

Driving lesson at eleven. Haven’t had one since the start of December. I fucking hate driving and I hate that I have to learn how to do it.

Another action packed day of weaving seamless online workflows in the world of Higher Education awaits! #pumped #letsdothis #Imgoingforacig


Came upstairs to get dressed about half an hour ago and instead have been lying on the bed since

Guess ill get up and go to work late again


I’m in the office, but I really don’t want to be. Masks seem to have become very much optional, and I really don’t want to get ill right now. Might WFH this afternoon

Hello. I’m packing up orders and listening to Alopecia so that’s nice. Got a frankly obscene amount of work to do today.

Good morrow, what shall I have for breakfast?

  • Two milk chocolate hobnobs, you angel of the morning :cookie:
  • A bowl of granola, you bag of rotting compost

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Could really go a twix