Hello wednesday you devious bastard

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Sweaty Betty today. I need a warmer jacket for coming to work as my coat is too beefy.

Not much on today, I’m shattered and should save myself but the urge to do a little run before lunch is real

lets call this a light hangover and move on with our day shall we?

croissant, coffee, NYT crossword, then maybe an email or two. Will finish Winter’s Bone today, and mulling over seeing Moonfall

I just THOUGHT I’d take a look at the gym prices near me. THOUGHT about it.

£200 a month.

Fucking hell.

It’s been many years since I was a member of a gym, but when I was, the council run one at the local leisure centre was about half the price of any other local ones

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update : turns out all the other people at my level are WFH today. I’m the only mug who’s come in! I’m DEFINITELY driving home at lunchtime

Mooorning :coffee:
Keep getting these weirdly believable scam emails trying to extort me for bitcoin. Which like… good luck with that by the way, I would have no idea how to buy bitcoin- there are very few thoughts in this empty little head of mine.
Anyway yeah so they’re written really well and they’ll be saying how they’ve hacked my webcam on my laptop (there was a sticker over it but it fell off lol) and people are watching me and they have videos of me doing things to myself whilst watching adult things and they’re gonna send those videos to my family members unless I sent x amount of bitcoin and THAT’S where they lose me. For a start, I genuinely don’t do that on my laptop and even if I did… ooh tell on me that I’m an adult watching porn. What are you gonna do, tell my Dad? You’d have a job, son.
If someone where to watch my webcam all they’d see if me drinking coffee, biting my nails and occasionally putting a pen or something into my ear. If someone wants to watch that then go ahead. In fact I hope someone does and gets off on it, that’d do wonders for my self esteem tbqh.

Anyway TL;DR, keep nearly believing scam emails in 2022 cause I’m apparently silly old person now




Had one of those fire alarms in the office where it’s all “this isn’t a drill guys, everyone out quickly as you can” and you’re briefly a bit concerned.

Took longer to get down he stairs and out than the time we were stood outside before getting the “false alarm, you can come back in” ffs

man I look like shit :frowning:

At the tennis again
Cycled past this earlier

Has to be a good omen


early chris rea lyrics etc


Coffee shop had some good looking babka today but i managed to resist as already had a brownie in my bag

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Morning. Saying hello from a cold Wokingham with a cute cat sat on my lap. Managed wordle in three today so that is my highlight of the morning! Just got through the mass of emails from a day off and had three meetings this morning. Phew. The Skip has arrived so parents are working on getting everything piled into it… I think they love doing that sort of thing…

Do you live in Wokingham? :eyes:

i’ve compressed my hours lately so every other wednesday i get a day off. taken the big man to soft play and i’ve just realised ive dressed him in a t-shirt that says AWESOME LIKE DAD. living the full weekend dad dream, making eyes at all the milfs and dilfs :+1:


What approx % of the time would you buy a baked good when you buy a coffe?

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  • 1-24
  • 25-49
  • 50-74
  • 75-99
  • 100

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Cant do any work til this poll gets up to a good sample size

My sister lives here. I lived in reading till September last year when I moved in with my mum and dad in Bournemouth to save some monies for a place. Are you from this area??

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I just paid someone to identify the most sensitive part of my back and then kick the living shit out of it for 20 minutes. What a world.

My day will most consist of painkillers and sitting down. Might treat myself to a hobnob

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