Hello, Wednesday

Morning! It’s my Monday today (and a four-midnight shift) but only a three-day week, which is great, because I’ve wangled Saturday off for my first trip to the football at Anfield since January 2020. What are you lovely lot up to?


Going to my first gig in 18 months today :tada:


Who are you seeing?

Hello Wednesday. First day of annual leave. Today involves packing for green man, packing the kids’ suitcases for their stay at their nanny and Poppa’s, doing a food/booze run for the weekend and going out for dinner possibly tonight.


Come into my liiiiiiife

Not much to report here tbh.

Heading back to Yorkshire today.

Told my parents a few weeks ago that id be heading home around now but ring to say exact date closer to time meant to ring them at weekend/early this week but kept forgetting so…

  • Ring them today
  • Turn up as a suprise

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If its raining i might want a life from the station

Get a life!

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Up at 6 today, feeling a little wobbly after yesterday’s Pfizer but hopefully that will soon pass

wfh today is down in my studio as the landlord has finally got round to sending a workman to secure the door after an attempted break-in in March and I have to be here while the guy does the job

It’s been ages but fairplay the dude is welding a whole anti-theft wrought-iron extension to the studio door

Noisy & smelly though


Morning all

Got to squeeze in 2 mini tours today during lunch but also office job too. Cba with either.

Morning all

Presentation to give this morning then the rest of the day should be a little more chilled. Really should leave the flat, feel like I’ve been sat at my desk since Monday morning.


Just had a day old Gails cinnamon bun for brekkie, good way to start the day

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I’m going looking for where i left it.

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Hi. Terrible sleep. Got woken up by feeling something crawling on me in the middle of the night. Turned out it was a wasp and it stung me so that was nice.

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Joyce Sims’s first draft needed a bit of work.

It was supposed to be Super Furry Animals! (The first half anyway)

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I could really fancy a cinnamon bun.

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Morning all!

I’ve got confirmation of two classes I’m teaching next week (I’m now only waiting on four or five) so that’s nice. I need to decide whether I’m submitting a job application today. I’m also planning to go to the gym at lunchtime.

Tonight’s meant to be my first live book club in two years but I haven’t finished the book.

Speaking of which, just did my first proper poo in three days. I’d advise everyone to avoid the greater Cambridge area for the next few hours.


Had the old ‘malevolent presence watching me as I sleep’ dream again, so that’s nice.

Hello Wednesday!!

Spent last half hour telling V why he can’t play red dead redemption. 🤷

We’re supposed to be going to the woods but MrS has woken in a don’t want to do anything mood so might either go on a bike ride or go and do a charity shop wander somewhere.