I don’t know what I’ve been doing all my life without knowing this forum existed!
Sorry if this post is not appropriate, but I felt the need to introduce myself, as I think I will post a lot of things!
I see all of you know a lot about music, and you talk about every kind of music! That’s super cool! I really want to take part in this!
Nice I have discovered this. I will be around here!

PS: Here’s my last.fm account last.fm/user/lucidreams_


Hello @lucidreams! Welcome to DiS!




Hi @lucidreams - nice username! :slight_smile:


I’m a bit obsessed with these vids atm

The evanescence one is incredible


Hey lucidreams, welcome aboard.
I know very little about new music so often just make up my own band names and talk about how great they are and then patronise people for being too commercial and having not heard of them :wink:


Oohh, how I love that song!




Its a gem, isn’t it? In fact that whole album is :smile:


Hey LD. this place has gotten me into a ridiculous amount of music and introduced me to some lovely sorts too. Welcome welcome welcome.


I love new DiS: where people join and nobody assumes it’s just a Brusma alt account :slight_smile: welcome @lucidreams !


Who? :sweat_smile:


Oh just someone who used to post on here. Things were very different then.