HelloFresh and other food delivery services

First things first, I have a free box to give away. Who wants it???

Second, I just signed up to get another one off the back of @fappable sending me a free box.

For me I find it easily does two big meals so that’s evening and lunch sorted… Which makes it considerably better value for money.

Also the convenience cannot be overstated. Are you signed up to any?

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Yes. I use Gousto intermittently and I like it. I have 50% off for a month codes if anyone wants to try it (after your free box of course!)

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Also, last time I made a thread about this lots of people came in posting moany stuff about how they don’t like the idea of it. Let’s not have any of that again eh?


I would please!

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cancelled mine now but found it really useful in a houseshare without much kitchen space or time, wish i’d started using it earlier. was also nice getting food delivered during lockdown

hellofresh veggie options get repetitive fast but i guess you can switch between the different ones

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Love the idea of one of these, cos there’s loads of stuff I know I’d love but just haven’t got round to ever trying… and just rotate round the same 10 or so meals forever with the odd takeaway thrown in. Might have to investigate

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It’s been really good for me to try out new things and add new recipes to my repertoire. You get a recipe card and a binder and I separate out the ones i really like and then I make them again separate from the deliveries. I’ve cooked
a lot of stuff that I wouldn’t normally have attempted (mostly Chinese/Asian)

Between us here we’re half-decent in the kitchen, and got loads of old copies of Sainsbo’s food magazine, but often it’s grilled chicken plus [random flavour] sauce. If a box of, I dunno, kale quinoa and sweet potatoes, turned up it’d be like… right, let’s use all this shit! ONE WAY TICKET TO FLAVOUR TOWN CHOO CHOO ALL ABOARD

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It’s yours!! Dm me your email addy!

Misread this