Help AB move to, wait, it's Scotland again 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


I plan to move to Scotland! Yay! I would love to be on the west coast (Argyll up to Highlands/Skye) but realising that to get the kind of house I want I might need to compromise on location. This means considering areas I have never been to and have no real knowledge of.

Obviously the practical things like amenities I can find out through Google (although any insights are very welcome!), but it would be useful to get an idea of what reputations these places have in ways that internet searches don’t reveal. Do they smell weird, are people mean, are they very conservative etc etc? Did you pass through once and someone cut you off at a junction?Basically would it be a good or okay place to live?

Here’s a few to start with:

Keith, Moray
Findochty, Moray
Portsoy, Aberdeenshire
Blairgowrie, Perthshire

Aldo welcome in this thread: suggestions of great places to live north of Glasgow & Edinburgh. If a town larger than a few thousand I would want to be right on the outskirts - want nice views from the house or garden.


Just assume this is true for all scottish towns

(Good luck!)


I put that in cause when I was searching some places on the Aberdeenshire/Moray coast there were comments to the effect of very strong fish smells from processing plants. I don’t really like fish smells :slightly_frowning_face:

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Muir of Ord

Take me with you


Not even joking I genuinely would. We’d never argue about interior design although I’m not sure how well Fig would get on with the dogs :joy:


Edzell, Angus

I know fuck all about Scotland, but I wish you all the best in this and hope it’s a great move for you


Genuinely curious, what is it about rural Scotland that appeals to you? I mean obviously it has beautiful countryside, but I think lots of places in the UK do - so what’s the pull with Scotland?

More affordable, fewer people, in or closer to really spectacular scenery.


Living the dream once you get there I reckon. Very envious. I hope it all works out :relaxed:

The whole Moray coast is great, have a look at the Findhorn, Kinloss, Forres area, good place to live, reasonably sized towns, beaches and forests and not too far from Inverness for the big city lights…

Other good places - Ballater, Kirriemuir, Callander

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Ace, thank you :+1:


Strong real life dising opportunities


Better chances at re-joining the EU :eyes:


My Sister moved to a village on the edge of Loch Ewe a year or so ago and is absolutely loving it. Stunning place and just about enough amenities to get by. Gairloch, the local town seemed nice too. An absolute ball-ache to get to though.

I was surprised, when visiting, that 60%+ people there were middle-class WFHers with home-county accents. I think there’s been a pandemic-driven influx of southerners looking places with holiday-lets on their croft to subsidise the quiet life.


If I were considering a relocation that wasn’t back to Edinburgh, I’d probably move to somewhere within striking distance of Oban, which is a gorgeous wee town with plenty of amenities and excellent access to the islands, or near Fort William as a second choice. Argyll in general is absolutely heavenly - Dunoon has a lovely old seaside town vibe about it, and around Loch Fyne and Loch Goil are particular favourite places.

@AutumnBeech I don’t know if you’re considering it or not, but I would personally advise a slight note of caution if you’re keen on one of the west coast islands that isn’t Skye. Again, they’re utterly heavenly (Islay and Skye are probably my favourite places in the world) but the ferry services are frankly not fit for purpose and are causing a huge amount of misery for Scotland’s Hebridean residents. It might not matter if you don’t have any pressing concerns to get to the mainland on a regular basis, but even here on Scotland’s most accessible large island, people feel trapped, scared to travel, or in some cases, are simply giving up and moving back to the mainland because of medical etc reasons. It’s an absolute shambles, has deteriorated markedly in the last 5-10 years and there is little prospect of anything improving in the near future; I probably wouldn’t have moved home if I’d known just how bad it would get.


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This will be a very common situation everywhere on the west coast of Scotland, TBH