Help ensure these forums stay online

Hi All,

Following the news* this week, DiS will be reigning in its editorial activities but I’m determined to keep these forums online.

However, it costs money to provide these forums for free. We won’t be adding a paywall or tonnes of annoying ads. In fact, I can upgrade anyone who makes a regular contribution to get the forums ad free (we only make a few pence a month for each of you see who look at a lot of pages seeing ads anyway).

You can now set up a small recurring payment with PayPal here

For context, here’s how much traffic the forums get (over our limit last month)

Here’s the cost (which is likely to go up)

Please let me know if you have any further questions and I’ll try to answer them.

Thank you,

*= Redirecting...

Please note, I may have answered your query over in the social board

Recurring done. Would be gutted to not have these boards to spew my nonsense on… hope this’ll help


Hi Sean. I still pay £3.00 monthly from the original patreon funding drive that you set up. Is this still ok or do I cancel and redirect through the above link?

If you could switch to the above it’d save 1) Patreon taking a cut without really adding any value 2) having to pay to transfer the money from dollars to pounds on PayPal.

No worries if it’s too much of a faff.

OK I’ll switch to PayPal. Cheers Sean

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Can I do an automatic contribution on PayPal? I currently have one on Patreon but will switch if it saves you money and hassle?

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The paypal link in the op has a box you can check to make it a monthly donation:

I believe sean said in the other thread that PayPal is best as patreon take a cut and there is also a fee there for converting the currency to £’s.


I’ll stop Patreon and set one up on PayPal. Cheers.


Hi Sean,

I finally got round to making my recurring donation.

Does The Secret Doners Club Thread still exist?

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Once again, I’m asking for you support to keep the forums online. [/Bernie Sanders voice]

I’ve written a thread and would appreciate it if you could share or maybe quote tweet with an example of why these forums are important to you.