help IDing a song

the first track in. The comments don’t help, I’ve translated them and it’s just people asking the same thing


Rings a bell, but can’t place it. Strong early US punk vibes - New York Dolls, Richard Hell, MC5, Stooges…

Yeah. I tried googling the lyrics you can hear and I got nothing. When I translated a bunch of the comments it sounds like Shazam didn’t work. One person gave a name but Google comes back with nothing.

I’m going to suggest this could be an instance of

where the missing song got put onto this video before it disappeared.

You’re going to need someone big into late seventies/early eighties punk to find it. Searching lyrics that vague is a nightmare now that Google is really shit.

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Got a Julian Cope thing about his voice. But don’t think it’s actually him so that’s no help, sorry!