help I'm finding things funny today!

dunno what’s happened but I’m just laughing at stuff for no reason


It’s on accounts of being Friday and also sometimes people on here post very funny things and also, sometimes on here you can make a post yourself (me I mean, not you specifically) that, despite having no comedic value whatsoever, you can make yourself laugh with it.

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I was laughing at my own post, very uncool I’m afraid.

Also earlier I laughed at a podcast in the street and strangers saw me smile


oh yeah and I laughed at Epimer’s post

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laughing at things that are funny is good and fun


imagine if it actually was and I could just laugh and have fun!

I do this all the time. Literally none of them are funny and I think it’s the cumulative effect of having spent literally years of my life posting things with no value on this website has made it very funny and farcical to me.


it is! you can!


I think certain posts act as ‘warm-up’ posts that put you in an amused frame of mind before a second post lands the knock-out gag that would, on its own, have been less funny.

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I just thought “fuck gravy” as some kind of slang word for jizz was funny


This is great news, no?

feel like I’m having some kind of breakthrough

How long have you been posting here? I can’t remember you not being here but there must have been a time. Same question to Bammers.

Ride the wave and don’t overthink it or it might end.

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sucks air through teeth

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since 2007/2008 I think

This happens to me a lot

Happened the other day when someone said something funny. Think it was bitt’s hans Thomann jpg


Same I think

I used to laugh at DiS stuff sometimes then I went through a phase of ascending above humour like some kind of god. It’s good to be laughing again though

weird how it just feels like everyone here has always been about 30-40 now isn’t it?