Help Jeremys_Iron spaff away his Amazon gift voucher 💸💸💸



I’m picking up Burial’s Truant/Rough Sleeper and Rival Dealer on vinyl unless somebody can convince me to spend my 25 bones on something else. Please post Phil Mitchell canvas clocks below.



Currently unavailable :sweat:


I don’t eat Gummy Bears because I respect porcine life but since when have they been sugar free?



Robot check?


I would spend it on a robot check


What a lovely hedgehog home, perfect for first time buyers. No garden for me unfortunately though.


My lube keg is fast becoming UNSUBSTAINABLE but I’m afraid this breaches the 25 jib limit somewhat.


Then put it in someone else’s garden. This is for the benefit of the hedgehogs, Jeremy, not you.




twenty five quids for those? RIP OFF (pretty sure I own them both too. probably never even played them.


This is either a mis price or is never gonna happen but I ordered anyway


You are completely right of course. I hope they’ll let me visit them from time to time.


It’s around 21 pounds in total I believe. Are you one of those people that buys vinyl even though they don’t own a record player?


She uses them as lenses in her glasses that she doesn’t need.


I do have a record player.




a lovely ergonomic keyboard