Help Laelfy Sleep


This is for soft, soothing, somnial stuff to help our poor old pal, laelfy, get some shuteye.



Leafs do you want me to talk about any patent law things? That should help.


i find the Jungle Book super soporific. Something about the music and the zzzzz


Try reading the cycling thread


how dare u


I recommend watching Stickman. I put it on to help the toddler get sleepy and it makes me feel all dozy too.


Woah hang on a minute, I’m amount to get in the car and drive 320 miles. Please don’t send me to sleep now


I save that for moments of extreme self loathing


Make your mind up, laelfy.

Let me sleep, wake me up.



I asked you to go back in time to tell me to go to sleep saps, it’s too late now :cry:


I have a question, what do you all think about to help you nod off at night?


how many yellow things i’ve seen that day


i don’t think of anything, i just go to sleep


the cycling thread


Ice teas, frappachinos & lots candy is what you need for your drive.
Have you had caramel m&ms yet?


how dare u


every single mistake and regret from the last almost thirty years of my life, usually.

weirdly, it doesn’t work.


I lie there mentally calculating how few minutes there are until the earlier of:

  1. my alarm going off;
  2. my toddler going off on one.

If you divide that number by three that is how long I then lie awake fretting until the earlier of 1 and 2 above occurs.

I am not the best person to ask about this rn #sendcoffee #toddlerbackmolars #sleepislameanyway


I haven’t, no but I’ve seen them. I’ll give them a try.