Help lastdino plan a party + general party thread


I’m having a house party next weekend for my birthday. There’s no theme, but I want some ideas + gimmicks + decorations that’ll make people think ‘hey, this is the best party I’ve ever been to!’

Please let me know of any brilliant parties you have been to that I can pilfer ideas from or anything that you would love at a party.



Loads and loads and loads of drugs


Think the guests will have that sorted


Loads and loads and loads of dugs


To be honest this totally depends on who you and your friends and and what kind of parties you normally like? All night drug filled ragers? Or something more refined? Give us some more info.


Hot tug.


Quorn scotch eggs


cheese hedgehog


Good parties I’ve had in the past have always tended towards raging but with a few elements of organised fun thrown in for good measure.

Last year we went until about 5am but around midnight we had a quick pub quiz (about me). I like to get some good gimmicks in before everything descends.


I used to make vodka watermelon and lemon wedges as an introductory shot - fiddly to make but fun



fairy lights


Post your address on here


Shitloads of Pitbull on the playlist.


Sky Sports News on the big screen


once the guest have taken all the drugs, keep reminding them that you’ve got neighbours and to keep the noise down.


Muted and subtitles on


Bouncy Castle
Adult Goodie Bags (a torch, a CurlyWurly, a book of stamps, a free digital watch with denim strap, a vodka miniature , a Bic-style razor and a copy of the Daily Express)


How do you make these? I was just gonna give everyone party bags with vodka miniatures in them


I went to a posh restaurant at the weekend and had a scotch egg make of scallops and some other delishes fishes


A room full of dogs and balloons