Help lastdino plan a party + general party thread






I say “dread” but I’m obviously not going, it’s just a matter of deciding whether or not I’m honest about why.


depends on whether I like the person or not.


This is working on the assumption that the person who has invited you to a party is someone you ordinarily enjoy spending time with


in that case


Hide a small battery powered speaker in the bathroom. (Behind the mirror is a good spot.) Play a loop of the soundtrack to John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ through said speaker. Sit back and wait for the compliments to roll in.*

*WARNING: This may cause drug-addled partygoers to climb the walls in your bathroom searching for the speaker. Your bathroom may be heavily damaged as a result. Not advisable for the faint of heart.


make sure you have enough seats for one per person, no one wants to be left standing
(unless yor playing musical chairs of course)




Personally believe that everyone sitting down is a bad sign, but each to their own!


It’s a good paper


All I know about parties can be boiled down to ‘fill a room with balloons, put Baby Shark on repeat.’ Sure that would work on adults too though.


Rave dog. It’s a dog with speakers on its back playing nothing but Mr Worldwide - i.e. Pitbull -songs. The dog would not have to be a Pitbull, though.


bought a new shirt at lunch time there! really looking forward to this party :blush:


You getting a hotel or crashing at dinos, m8?


think I’ll book a hotel, don’t want to put him out


This is a purely speculative poll answer, no one invites me to parties